October 21, 2015

Our Core Staff

2017-18 Core Staff


Say hello to Casey, our lead wrangler for Sunday’s Historic Chili Night! She is from O’Fallon Missouri, located near St. Louis. Casey is 1/8th Pueblo Native American, she enjoys reading, traveling to national parks and doing outdoor activities. A fun fact about Casey is that she jumped over a fence to receive the Body of Christ on World Youth Day 2017 in Krakow, Poland. Her hopes in joining the program is that through her service with Andre House she will find her direction in life, be brought closer to her faith and understand her true purpose in life.




We’d like to welcome Ash to the Andre House family. Ash is the illustrious leader of our Maui Monday Turkey Surprise Meal Service. Ash is from Amity Harbor, New York which is a small beach town on Long Island. She loves reading non-fiction books but especially loves reading memoirs. She is adventurous and fearless as she has performed a cage dive with sharks and traveled to Mozambique to serve those affected with HIV. What a beautiful soul!!! Her hope in joining the core is that she will be able to wholeheartedly give herself to the guests, volunteers and other members of the core.



 Erin is from New Hampshire, she has two dogs named after Beatles songs/albums and she studied Sociology and Social Work in college. Erin hopes to gain a better understanding of her faith through her service and reflection here with Andre House. She also hope that by living simply she will be able to eliminate distractions and discover true the things that hold true significance in life. She is on a journey of self-improvement and community outreach as she is very excited to discover the underlying issue of homelessness in the community and how she can be of service. She loves spaghetti, lucky for her that is a crowd favorite here at Andre House and she has inherited the title of Tuesday Night Spaghetti Queen. She will be guiding the pasta making as well as the famous “spaghetti dance”!



Andre House welcomes our newest core member, Beth Gabert. Beth’s favorite dinner dish is Goulash and that is wonderful because she will now be heading up our Saturday Night Glorious Goulash Dinner! Beth comes to Andre House from Manchester New Hampshire. She just graduated from Saint Anselm College with a degree in Social Work. In her freshman year of college, Beth was a volunteer firefighter with the St. Michael’s College Fire and Rescue Team. Her great love was participating in the Road for Hope, a 130 mile pilgrimage that raises money and awareness for 9 charities sponsored by Saint Anselm College. Beth Looks forward to working with the Andre House community, putting love into action in all endeavors. Andre House brings out the best in Beth. In her spare time you may find her hiking, running or relaxing and writing poetry.



Miranda is now the leader of the wild Wednesday Weenie Dinner. Hot dogs, beans, buns and lots of rowdy volunteers. Miranda has a desire for adventure and discovery, she is attracted to learning about different ways of life and how to live each day with intention and consciousness. During her time serving with the Core, she hopes to reconnect with the values that once drew her to her faith in Christ. Miranda is a poet and a lover of the outdoors along with a good taco or burrito. Who can blame her…..simply delicious. She also has a cat named Texas who she says she expresses has an unlimited amount of lives. Miranda is from Lowell, MA but for the next year Andre House will be her home.



For her second year serving at Andre House, Nevada’s Lindsey, will be sharing the responsibilities of Thursday night’s famous Bean Burrito Dinner with her Texas twin, Elena. Famous for the pioneering of the Tuesday night “Spaghetti Dance” Lindsey just might establish “Two Step Thursday”.  After spending a year in Phoenix with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps working in case management at Central Arizona Shelter Services, Lindsey chose to continue her stint in the valley at the Andre House. Upon graduating from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Theology and Philosophy, Lindsey found her spirituality deeply rooted in service. Lindsey has a deep appreciation for coffee, cheese, and more recently– the musings of Thomas Merton. One of her favorite joys about life at Andre House is the gift of being a part of the guests’ day to day lives.




Just like Texas, Elena does it big and there’s nothing bigger the the Thursday Night Bean Burrito Bonanza. So big that she will share the preparations with her good friend Lindsey. Tortilla, tortillas and more tortillas… and oh yes, huge pots of delicious beans, beans and more beans. Pico, potatoes, salads. What more could you ask for? Oh that’s right, sweet tea. This is Elena’s second year at Andre house and she is up to the challenge. Elena first visited and served at Andre House as a junior at St. Edward’s University. She brings a wealth of experience from her time working at the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless. Her hobbies include arts and crafts, trying new restaurants, and remixing recipes. Elena is also known as DJ Lusky and Hot Dish.


Richard ArmstrongBr. Richard Armstrong, C.S.C.

Br. Richard is probably the most familiar face here at André House. He has been here since 1986 and has seen André House change and evolve during his tenure. Br. Richard continues to be a great example of the Holy Cross tradition of service. He is the first person at Andre House every morning and many times the last to leave.. He is the foundation and keeper of stability within the organization. A true workhorse, Br. Richard puts in countless hours to make sure that André House runs smoothly. But most importantly he is a beacon of light that keeps all of our hearts strong.

Fr. Tom Doyle, C.S.C.

Fr. Tom arrived at Andre House in 2013. Prior to Andre House he served as Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Notre Dame, and for the Alliance for Catholic Education Consulting.  He spent 2004-2010 as the Vice President for University Relations at the University of Portland. In 2003, Fr. Tom earned an MBA from the Harvard Business School.   Fr. Tom was ordained as a Holy Cross priest in 1998.  Prior to entering the seminary, Fr. Tom attended Notre Dame and worked for Deloitte & Touch Consulting in Seattle, WA.    Fr. Tom is a native of Colville, Washington, one of five children, proud uncle of 7 nieces and nephews.  He’s an avid skier and enjoys logging miles on his bike and hiking the trails of Arizona.

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