April 11, 2017

Director of Stewardship and Development: Career Opportunity

The Director of Stewardship and Development will be a part-time position focused on donor stewardship, gift acknowledgment, identification and solicitation of gift and grant opportunities, and building processes to improve donor information within our volunteer and financial databases.  As is customary at Andre House, (s)he will assist in other activities and projects as necessary.

The position requires approximately 20 hours per week.  The location from where the work is completed is flexible, but will require a majority of regularly scheduled hours on site at Andre House.   The annual salary is approximately $35,000 (approximately $33.65 per hour).

Stewardship & Gift Acknowledgment

  • Gain an understanding of the existing gift acknowledgment process with the AH management team.
  • Re-design the gift acknowledgment process to provide more timely and accurate appreciation and feedback to donors on an ongoing basis.
    • Acknowledgments should consider size and frequency of donor contributions.
    • Timeliness of acknowledgments should be 1 to 2 weeks after donation receipt.
    • Process can leverage the QuickBooks ERP system’s donation reporting capabilities.
  • Implement the newly designed process with the AH management team.
  • Begin preparing and sending regular gift acknowledgments using the newly designed process with the assistance of AH Employees, Core Team Members and Volunteers.

Fundraising & Donor Relationships

  • Begin building awareness of key AH donors, foundations, parishes and companies.
  • Research and compile a data base of key private and corporate foundations who provide grant funding to charitable missions comparable to AH.
    • Include nature and types of causes funded by foundation grants.
    • Identify key contacts and personnel within potential foundations.
    • Gain an understanding of the foundations’ application processes.
  • Present potential grants to apply for to AH management team.
  • Initiate preparation of grant applications once AH management has targeted specific grants.
  • Begin building relationships with key donors, foundation members, etc.
  • Coordinate donor appreciation events with existing volunteer appreciation gatherings managed by the AH Director of Volunteer Services.

Donation & Volunteer Systems

  • Document process and methodology of how donations are received, recorded and reported utilizing the QuickBooks ERP system.
  • Document process and methodology of how volunteer information is collected, scheduled, and summarized utilizing the Volunteer Hub scheduling system.
  • Create a way to integrate information flow between QuickBooks and Volunteer Hub with AH management team to ensure consistency/reliability/relevance of donor and volunteer information.
  • Develop regular grant/donation KPI’s with the AH Finance and AH Volunteer Directors.
  • Regularly review, manage and update the Donor & Volunteer Master files.

Please submit a resume and cover letter to Jay Minich, Finance & Administrative Director, at jminich@andrehouse.org