February 6, 2018

The Photo Project


“The faces that I have photographed, all present a window to the rest of us. We are given eyes,
expressions, sometimes smiles, sometimes frowns, and often shades of discomfort. Every black
and white portrait of a guest is a history of one’s life that is written purposefully in the wrinkles
of their face and beautifully across the skin of their bodies, whether it be clean or dirty, clothed
or naked, torn or free of injury.”  Sam MacDonald








My name is Samuel MacDonald and I worked at the Andre House of Arizona in 2014 for one
year as a Core Staff member. I have been a hobbyist photographer since 2013 and recently
started taking black and white portraits of the guests roughly two years ago in 2015. I started
taking these pictures so the guests could remember that they are worth having their
photograph taken and allow them to share those photographs with friends and family. I
believe a good photograph can be a powerful thing. For some people, sharing their own
portrait or any picture of themselves creates a position of vulnerability.However, love and
trust fills the void created by insecurity when someone chooses to share that picture with
another; it can be quite a special thing. This project was started to create more of those
special moments while allowing the guests to express and witness themselves in a way which
they are often unable to.

Andre House Staff and Guests. All one Community.