November 4, 2015

“The Open Door” Newsletter

André House publishes a newsletter called, “The Open Door.” This newsletter contains articles written by current and former Core Community members, volunteers and benefactors of André House. The goal of “The Open Door” is to share our experiences with you and to convey the joy we all experience by participating in this ministry. It is the goal of the André House community to publish four newsletters per year.

If you would like to receive this newsletter and be added to our mailing list, please email your information to our volunteer coordinator.
Be sure to include: Name, Address, City, State & Zip

If you already receive “The Open Door” and need to either: 1. Change your information or 2. Stop receiving the publication, please email our coordinator the updated information or to send a message asking to be removed from the list. (In BOTH cases be sure to include in the email your complete address as it appears on the newsletter as you are currently receiving it.)

Holiday Newsletter 2017

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