October 5, 2015

What We Do

What do you do at André House? It is a question I hear at least once a day. “Well, we have dinner every night and coordinate showers, laundry, clothes, phone calls, work boots, blankets, and have two transitional houses.” Something like this tends to be my usual response. Yet, this answer seems to lack our true ministry. The most difficult, rewarding, and important task the staff performs also is the simplest. We listen. Every day, often when we are tired, impatient, and busy, we are called to sit down, focus, slow our pace, and just listen. – Elizabeth Diedrich Core Staff Community 2008-09; 2011-12

André House provides a wide range of services to our brothers and sisters in need.

Our services focus on meeting the immediate, basic needs of those who come through our doors each day.

These services are described below:

Dinner Service

Hospitality Services

Transitional Houses


Receiving Services

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